AGU 2023 Town Hall

Event Information

Town Hall Title:The CONVERSE Center: Converging on Eruption Science with Equity
Date and Time: Tuesday, 12 December 2023: 18:30 – 19:30 PST
Location:Moscone Center, Room: 2004 – West  
Session Type: Hybrid

Town Hall Reception Dinner

Date and Time Tuesday, 12 December 2023: 19:30 – 21:30 PST
LocationInterContinental Hotel Cathedral Hill Room (4th floor)

Town Hall Slides

CONVERSE is a national geohazards center aiming to transform the scientific understanding of the volcanic system and associated hazards by connecting, in real-time, eruption dynamics with the modulating processes within active volcanoes. The overarching ambition of the center is to maximize scientific return from responses of the scientific community to volcanic unrest as it works to improve the fundamental understanding of volcanoes. This improved understanding will aid in producing accurate forecasts of the dimensions (intensity, magnitude, duration, location) of future eruptions. Achieving this goal requires a well-coordinated and innovation-rich community response to unrest and eruptions, which is the driving motivation for CONVERSE.

 This Town Hall is aimed at anyone interested in any aspect of recent and future volcanic eruptions and the science that results from making observations and collecting samples from eruptions, including events leading up to and following eruption. We encourage participation also of science managers and emergency responders who are faced with decision-making processes, regarding public safety and economic impact during volcanic crises.

 Goals of this town hall are to inform the community about activities of the CONVERSE Center in its ‘catalyst’ stage and plans for moving forward, and to provide a forum for input on these plans.  Stay tuned for updates on Location and Time of the Town Hall.

Please provide comments and input for what you would like to see in a CONVERSE Center, its activities, governing structure and how you think it would best serve the community.