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Coordination of academic research requests with the USGS-HVO will be handled through CONVERSE by the Hawaiian Scientific Advisory Committee (H-SAC). See H-SAC overview and proposal guidelines.

CONVERSE Webinar Series: “Advancing Science during Volcanic Crises”

We are excited to present our first webinar series this spring. It is open to all interested in volcanic eruptions and the science that can result from collecting data and samples during eruptions.

The Webinar is held at 3 PM US Eastern Time. Presentations will be given by the speakers listed below. The presentations are followed by Q&A and opportunity for disucssion.

February 7Dr. Sæmundur Halldórsson, University of Iceland: Magmatic Shifts during the Fagradalsfjall Eruption.
February 28Dr. Karl Kim, University of Hawai’i, Mānoa: Volcanoes, Hazards, Evacuation and Preparedness.
March 21Dr. Kendra Lynn, Hawai’i Volcano Observatory: Recent Eruptions at Mauna Loa and Kīlauea Volcanoes.
April 11Dr. Samantha Tramontano, CUNY: Observations from the recent La Cumbre Vieja Eruption.
May 9Dr. Maarten de Moor, OVSICORI: The Science resulting from recent eruptions of Costa Rican Volcanoes.

Webinar Organizers: Tobias Fischer (UNM), Einat Lev (LDEO, Columbia), Bruce Houghton (UH), Su Zhang (UNM)

Please register for the webinar here and we will send you a zoom link: