Fall AGU Volcanology Symposium: Volcano Science and Volcano Crises: Success Stories and Balancing Act

Dear Colleagues,

We are inviting contributions to a Fall AGU Symposium entitled Volcano Science and Volcano Crises: Success Stories and Balancing Acts. We want presentations of BOTH the exciting science emerging from recent eruptions and the issues that arise during volcanic crises that, in many cases, can be mitigated between eruptions.

Abstract Deadline is August 2, 2023

Session description: Eruptions can have devastating economic and social consequences, even at great distances from the volcano. Even moderate-sized eruptions have profoundly impacted communities and will have changed landscapes for decades, as seen at Kīlauea in 2018 and Cumbre Vieja/Tajogaite in 2021. Many major advances in fundamental understanding of both eruption dynamics and sub-surface behavior of magma have followed. There is an inherent balance to be observed between curiosity-driven science and the needs of the agencies tasked with emergency response. We will discuss how science responses before, during, and after eruptions can be optimized to simultaneously improve fundamental understanding of volcanic systems and aid in emergency response through accurate forecasts of current and future eruptions.

Conveners: Bruce Houghton, Michelle Coombs, Einat Lev, Kendra Lynn, Michael Manga, Caroline Tisdale

Contact: Caroline Tisdale, ctisdale@hawaii.edu