Kīlauea 2023

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Hawaii Scientific Advisory Committee (H-SAC)

The Hawaii Science Advisory Committee (H-SAC) is responsible for communicating between the USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO) and the academic community. H-SAC is accepting requests and proposals from academics to work with HVO and/or access the eruption area to collect data.

H-SAC members for the Kīlauea 2023 eruption include:

  • Chair: Kathy Cashman
  • Academics:  Bruce Houghton (UH), Christelle Wauthier (Penn State although on sabbatical at HVO), Kari Cooper (UC Davis)
  • USGS: Kendra Lynn (HVO), Hannah Dietterich (AVO), Kyle Anderson (CVO)

Proposals should be submitted by email to cashman@uoregon.edu and follow the Proposal Guidelines.

Current Efforts

To Be Announced


To get the most up-to-date information on plans for scientific research join the CONVERSE Kīlauea 2023 workspace on Slack.