Workshop Structure and Agenda

Proposed Workshop Structure

​What are the various elements that are part of a functioning and successful CONVERSE?

Response Coordination:

  • USGS collaboration on eruption responses in US ​
  • International activities​
  • Instrumentation Pool​
  • Data access/information/sample/activities sharing​
  • Computational needs ​

​Peacetime Activities:

  • Education and Outreach, equity and inclusion​
  • Special Projects (finite duration)​
  • Focus Groups (longer term)​

​Management structure/ External Advisory/Management/Partners and Roles:

  • Management structure​
  • External Advisory Committee, Science Board or steering committee​
  • Partners and Liaisons​

Proposed General Agenda

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Topic: Response Coordination
  • Presentation/Panel: USGS and others who were part of recent response coordination
  • Breakout groups:
    1. Evaluation of SAC concept in US
    2. Role of US Volcano Hazards (VDAP) in CONVERSE
    3. International activities
    4. Instruments
    5. Data
  • Summaries of Day 1 breakouts and discussion

Day 2

  • Topic: Peacetime activities
  • Presentation: Talk on Education and Outreach
  • Breakout groups:
    1. Education, outreach, equity and inclusion
    2. Special Projects
    3. Focus groups
  • Topic: Management structure, advisory, partners and roles
  • Presentation: SZ4D, IRIS, other initiatives
  • Breakouts
    1. Management structure
    2. Roles of committee and partners
    3. Other funding sources
    4. Coordination with SZ4D and other groups

Day 3 (1/2 day)

  • Final Discussions; wrap up.