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Hawaii Scientific Advisory Committee (H-SAC)

The Hawaii Science Advisory Committee (H-SAC) is responsible for communicating between the USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO) and the academic community. H-SAC is accepting requests and proposals from academics to work with HVO and/or access the eruption area to collect data.

H-SAC members for the Kīlauea 2023 eruption include:

  • Chair: Kathy Cashman
  • Academics:  Bruce Houghton (UH), Christelle Wauthier (Penn State although on sabbatical at HVO), Kari Cooper (UC Davis)
  • USGS: Kendra Lynn (HVO), Hannah Dietterich (AVO), Kyle Anderson (CVO)

Proposals should be submitted by email to and follow the Proposal Guidelines.

Current Efforts

To Be Announced


To get the most up-to-date information on plans for scientific research join the CONVERSE Kīlauea 2023 workspace on Slack.